Chess for Social Skills is an alternative approach to current social-skills-for-children programmes and can be delivered in a whole-class or small group setting. The structured nature of chess-playing provides excellent scaffolding for all students who find social skills difficult to master as they play each other one-on-one before moving to another partner. As well as learning how to play the famous game through a fun, hands-on approach, the programme of lessons also challenges students to develop their concepts of respect, accepting defeat, forward planning, accepting compliments and giving feedback, teamwork, decision-making, patience, resilience and developing a growth mindset when exploring a new skill. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn how to play chess by playing chess mini-games against other novice teachers. The course will teach all participants how to; • Play chess (from zero prior knowledge) and the best methods of teaching Primary school children as young as First Class the rules using a fun, games-based approach, • Utilise chess as an additional resource in teaching social skills in the mainstream and special education classrooms, and • Organise a school chess club, school chess team and in-school chess competitions.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 01-07-2021
Course End Date / Time 06-07-2021
Registration Start Date 27-05-2021
Capacity 16
Available place 7
Cut off date 24-06-2021
Course Fee Ten Euro